Apple To Beyond

In the beginning, there were five guys who loved to play music.  Beatle music in particular.  They decided they would call their band, Apple.  It made sense.  Most of the music they played was on Apple Records.  This was back in 1969.  The original line up was Bobby Redding, Grant Sudduth, Dewey McGuire, Lamont Sudduth and Kent Scott.  They soon became the opening act for Exile, a popular regional group at that time.

In the summer of ’71, Dewey left the group, moving to Tennessee, leaving them as a four piece for a short period of time.  During this period, Kent also left the band.  Because of friendships growing up, it didn’t take long to find two replacements.  LeMoyne Pilcher, a long time friend of Grant’s joined the band as the new rythm guitarist and Danny Ahler stepped in as the new drummer.  Apple continued for a couple of more years, with Larry Conway eventually taking over as bassist. This was the final phase of Apple, lasting only another year, until the end of 1974.

Nineteen years later, in 2009, ex-Apple members, Bobby, Dan and Grant started playing with other musicians performing Christian music around the area.  And finally, in 2012, the three amigos decide to reform Apple which was renamed, Beyond Apple.  They currently perform regionally, still leaning toward The Beatles influence in their playlist.